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Borrow. Grow. Share.

What is a Seed Library?

A seed library is a place where community members can borrow or exchange seeds for free. Seed saving is something humans have done for over 10,000 years. Rejoin the ritual... Participate in our seed library and create a culture of sharing, sustainability, and abundance in our community.

If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need - Marcus Tullius Cicero


Local gardeners and farmers may borrow seeds with the agreement that they attempt to grow them, then return some of the next generation seeds to the library for others to borrow. The FDL Seed Library is available to all patrons, not just FDL cardholders.


You can find basic seed planting information in our gardening section. If you are a beginning gardener, don't worry about saving seeds. Select what you are interested in growing and focus on learning how to garden.


Fill out a donation envelope from the FDL Seed Library and place your seeds in the envelope. Drop off your seeds at the circulation desk for next year's growing season.

Donations of saved seeds are welcome to continue our efforts. The more seeds in the library, the more others can experience growing their own vegetables, herbs and flowers. Seeds will be accepted if they are properly dried and identified.

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